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Stone city & the centre of town
Stenstaden/The Stone city
The central part of the town with the most beautiful and extraordinary buildings.

Panorama photos
Picture 1. Panorama from the Stora torget. Photo by: Jan Olby, Sundsvalls Tidning.
Picture 2. Panorama from the Norra Berget. Photo by: Jan Olby, Sundsvalls Tidning.
Picture 3. 360° IPIX™ panorama from the Stora torget.
Livecam from the main square.

Around the main square and Storgatan:

Hirschska huset
A personal favourite: Hirschska huset (named after business man Isaak Hirsch who actually never even visited Sundsvall). Architect: Johan Laurentz from Stockholm.

Constructed in 1890. Look for the dragon at the main tower which is guarding Sundsvall from future fires and devastation (picture 2 below).

The dragon later served as inspiration when the municipality of Sundsvall crated the new logo for Sundsvall, the S shaped like this dragon, (or S like for Socialism, as the critics said).
Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3

Gustaf II Adolf statue
A natural meeting point "See you at the statue!" The classical Sundsvall landmark is the Statue of Gustaf II Adolf which was placed here in 1911.

Sundsvalls stadshus (Sundsvall town hall)
Most of the original building was destroyed in the 1888 fire. Between 1889-1891 a new town hall was constructed and some parts of the old structure could be reused.

The town hall is surely a feast for your eyes. The interior is also marvellous.
Picture 1 | Picture 2

Holmströmska and Granska huset
Holmströmska huset completed in 1891. Granska huset completed in 1893.
Another masterpiece construction at the main square. It may look like one single building but it is actually two seperate houses merged in to one.

Features include a sun clock (picture 2), impressive towers and ornamentation/decoration of the four elements: Fire, earth, air and water. Inside you will find the 1891 shopping mall with exlusive shops and the café 1891 with its famous and extraordinary glass roof.
Picture 1 | Picture 2

Rahmska huset
Another bautiful building in the centre. Located at the Esplanade. Completed in 1891. Neighbouring Holmströmska and Granska huset.

Sundsvallsbanken. Former centralhotellet
At Esplanaden 6 at main square. Completed in 1891 and renovated/restored a few years ago. Beautiful towers and splendid facade.

Esplanaden/The Esplanade
The original purpose Esplanaden was to serve as a protection of future fires by planting trees here making it a space without buildings.

Vängåvan fountain and park
Popular park in central Sundsvall with Sofia Gisbergs beautiful fountain. Constructed in 1886.
Picture 1 | Picture 2

Nordea complex
Huge and dominating near the Vängåvan fountain at Kyrkogatan 15. Constructed in 1886 for Sundsvalls Enskilda Bank.

Knaust Hotel
Ever since the construction of the stone city the Knaust hotel has been the most famous building in Sundsvall. Built in German renaissance style and opened in 1891.

The four star hotel has always been a symbol of luxury and wealth and the stairs are remarkable. Not to be missed!

Many prominent guests have stayed here including a Russian cosmonaut! (Valerij Bykowskij)

Blombergska husen
From 1893 with German style towers. Storgatan 16.

Bernska huset
Storgatan 34. Constructed in 1894 by architect Gustaf Hermansson. Now featuring the editor´s favourite cafe. One of the most costful houses in the town of Sundsvall.

Gamla Riksbankshuset
A very beautiful building at Storgatan 29. Completed in 1907. (I actually had the privilege of working inside this fantastic stone house). It was constructed for the National Bank of Sweden and later served as a museum until Kulturmagasinet was completed in 1986.

Storgatan 40 and Olof Plames torg (Olof Palme square)
Constructed in 1896 and added features in 1927. Architect: Knut Gyllencreutz. This building was severly damaged by a fire March 16, 2005. The future of the building is at the time of writing (March 16) unresolved.
Pictures from the 2005 fire

Hedbergska Skolan
This giant and beautiful school built in 1886 and sponsored by mr Hedberg. It miraculously survived the 1888 fire.

Guided tours
Sundsvall Tourist office organizes guided tours of the Stenstaden/stone city (July/August only).
Stora Torget/Main square
Open 10-18 Mo-Fri and 10-14 on Saturdays.
Phone: +46-60-610450

Elsewhere in the stone city

Kulturmagasinet (The cultural warehouse)
Sjögatan (near the harbour)
It´s a magnificient and outstanding restoration of
four turn-of-the century harbour warehouses. They have been renovated and glassed-in to form a single masterpiece building.

Opened in 1986 after much hoopla. With 550 000 annual visitors it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the whole country.

The design has attracted considerable attention and has won a number of awards including the Europa Nostra Prize, the Nobel Prize of architecture.
The buildings contain the excellent library and the Sundsvall museum which has exhibits of local history, archeology, natural history and more. Free Internet access. Kulturmagasinet - not to be missed!
Picture 1 | Picture 2

Bildens Hus - Photo museum
Next door to Kulturmagasinet you will find the Bildens Hus photographic museum. Always interesting exhibitions on display. Located between the bus station and Kulturmagasinet.

Idrottsparken & GIF Sundsvall football team
Originally built in 1893 then rebuilt in 2001/2002 and probably the most centrally located football stadium in Sweden. It is the home arena of Allsvenska (Swedish Premier League) team GIF Sundsvall.

In 2001 a new stadium was built and in July 2004 the arena was equipped with artificial grass of the most modern type to this day in Sweden.

The Idrottsparken is now one of the most exclusive arenas in Sweden! The arena is also used for conserts. The all time record event so far in the history of Sundsvall was being held in August 2004. 24 000 (!) attended the consert with the band Gyllene Tider. (Per Gessle from Roxette).

The record for a football game is from 1961 when 16 507 visited the arena to see GIF play Högadal. The capacity today is 8500.
Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 | Picture 4
Picture. View a 360° panorama from Idrottsparken.
(Picture taken during the construction of the new stadium).

Gustav Adolfs kyrka (The Gustav Adolf church)
The biggest protestant church in town. Neogothic landmark in the centre.
Completed in 1894 by famous architect Gustaf Hermansson. The church was damaged by a fire in October 1988 and was closed for renovation until September 1989.
Picture 1 | Picture 2

Casino Cosmopol
In 1999 the government of Sweden decided to build four international casinos. Sundsvall, Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. Sundsvall was the first casino in the history of Sweden to open. The official opening was in June 2001.

The magnificient casino building originates from the 1850s and survived the 1888 fire. It originally served as railway station.
Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3

Wikströmska huset
Interesting building from 1892 with Spanish-morish features! Esplanaden 14.

The dragons
A dragon is a symbol for Sundsvall. In the summertime there are numerous popular dragon statues visable in the town centre.

Special thanks to: Bertil Sundberg, Hotel Knaust and Jan Olby, Sundsvalls Tidning.

View a collection of famous Sundsvall buildings.

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