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Dining out/restaurants and international food shops
Sundsvall is a good place to go for a quick snack to a restaruant meal with it's over 150 restaurants, cafés and bars. Quality restaurants serve great national, and international food from asian to lebanese cousine. Below you will find recommended cafés, restaurants and fast food restaurants aswell as international food shops.

Recommended restaurants in Sundsvall:

Fantastic interior. Brandstation means fire station and much of the interior and furniture reminds the visitors of the past.
Köpmangatan 29, Tel. +46-60-12 39 36

Bangkok city
Street vendor selling the best Thai food in town. Take away only. Located near the 1891 shopping mall and Systembolaget.

Café Piccolo
A christian restaurant and café serving excellent salads. Also try their magnificient taco plates.
Rådhusgatan 37, Tel. +46-60-12 10 84

Casino Cosmopol
High class restaurant at the ocean front.
Kasinoparken 1, Tel. +46-60-14 11 00

Chaow Praya River

Tasty Thai food (great lunch buffet).
Trädgårdsgatan 43, Tel. +46-60-15 54 57

Dragon House
Another restaurants serving superb Asian lunch buffets.
Rådhusgatan 34, +46-60-17 68 88

Good value for your bucks.
Storgatan 12, Tel. +46-60-12 63 02

Larsson Corner
Good value - low prices.
Kyrkogatan 10, +46-60-12 55 45

Ming Palace
Good Asian lunch buffets. One of the first Chinese restaurants in town with nice interior and good food.
Esplanaden 2, Tel. +46-60-15 10 21

Trendy and upmarket. Very popular on weekends.
Bankgatan 11, Tel. +46-60-12 98 11

Sundsvall Tandoori House
Serves great tasty indian chicken and vegetable dishes.
Kyrkogatan 12, +46-60-17 59 59

Recommended fast food restaurants:

The best pizzas in town. Biteline also has superb taco buffets.
Köpmangatan 20, Tel. +46-60-610029

San Remo Pizzeria Kebab House

Great pizzas and kebabs.
Rådhusgatan 34, +46-60-152564

La Specia Pizzeria
Low prices and nice pizzas and kebabs.
Sjögatan 6, Tel. +46-60-61 12 23

Big Boy
High class burgers but 2 km west of the centre.
Krönvägen 27, +46-60-12 13 22

High class burgers but 1 km east of the centre.
Landsvägsallèn 5, +46-60-17 01 70

Read more about restaurants on the Sundsvall Turism website.

Recommended cafes:

Waynes Coffee - Sundsvall
Pricy but excellent café. Nice interior, superb coffee (many various blends) and beautiful people. Outdoor café during summer.
Storgatan 33, Tel. Tel. +46-60-15 60 20

Coffee House - Sundsvall
Fantastic sandwiches and extremely service minded staff. Good value for your money.
Outdoor café during summer.
Storgatan 31, Tel. +46-60-15 55 70

Café Charm AB
Great views from the large windows. Excellent but pricy shrimp sandwiches. The best outdoor café during the summer season. At this cafe you can have a cup of coffee while watching the shoppers at Storgatan.
Storgatan 34, Tel. +46-60-17 12 80

Café Charm AB
Extremely popular but rather noisy. The largest café in Sundsvall.
Storgatan 36, Tel. +46-60-12 99 00

Café Tinell - Sundsvall
A very cousy place near the Kulturmagasinet.
Sjögatan 7, +46-60-15 61 49

City Café
Attracts many alternative/independant people.
Kyrkogatan 18, Tel. +46-60-61 37 63

Café 1891
A fantastic place covered by an exclusive glass roof. It´s a restaurant and cafe.
Storgatan, main square. (inside the 1891 shopping mall). Tel. +46-60-61 18 91

Pallas, Konditori
A very kitchy and retro place serving superb coffee.
Strandgatan 16, Tel. +46-60-61 10 57

International food shops
Myss the food from your home country? Sundsvall is a multi cultural town, and with that comes the great variety of international food shops. Here you can find food to make at home, or why not at the public barbecue places at Norra Berget or Sidsjön?

China Market
Asian food. Original Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese food. Specialises on Thai Food.
Köpmangatan 20, Tel. +46-60-61 82 30 (For English, ask for Sert)

Full listing available at the Upplev Mitt Sverige website.

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